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Python Timer
zplusfour (914)
@Bookie0, @SpaceFire, @everyone

Ah man... Your phone's battery is DEAD, and your friend's phone is actually DEAD...
So you can't open the timer...


by @ZDev1

The smartest python timer ever!


  • By seconds.
  • By minutes.
  • By hours


So javascript edition is coming soon!



Leroy01010 (408)

cool(i don't care how old it is (it's not that old though))

Bookie0 (6407)

why did you try to ping me? (it didnt work because you put a comma stuck to it)

zplusfour (914)

@Bookie0 only to get some people...
Do u like it?


Bookie0 (6407)

only to get some people...

why did you do it to me? also if you wanted to ping me, you should have not put the , afterwards bc it removes the ping.

also did you want to ping everyone when you did

@everyon ?

also yea its cool but the sound thing doesnt work :/

CodingCactus (4337)

would be cool if you could do something like this

zplusfour (914)

@CodingCactus hmm
First write the number then wait two seconds and write s or h or m...

zplusfour (914)

@CodingCactus good
Do you like it?
I coded it on vs code and I make it with a sound when it's complete,
with the library playsound but on, I don't know why it's not working...