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Python Test 🙂
JWZ6 (710)

This is my 2nd python program. Big shout-out to JBloves27 (1461) for the epic beginners python tutorial. Link:
Yeah! You will see a lot of funny things. Beware of the link inside the python program!

SilvermoonCat (457)

hmm... I’m in school so tis doesn’t really make sense

JWZ6 (710)

@SilvermoonCat I'm a beginner. My apologies

SilvermoonCat (457)

@JWZ6 That is ok! Here’s a quick suggestion!
Instead of asking for lowercase things:

example = input("input content") .lower()

let’s say I enter “HI”. It makes it automatically “hi”!
If you need anymore help just ask!
Also, a clear board function.
If you enter too much stuff, the board will get messy (where the code outputs), so you can clear it. At the top of the code:

import os
print("spam board spam board")
# now it will be blank
melissagm (0)

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goalkenhighligh (4)

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