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Python Forum CLI w/ replit.db

This is a forum I made in Python with replit.db as the server. It has 1mb of space so please don't spam the forums. If there is any bugs or you want to request a feature, put it in the suggestions board on the forum. I plan to add colored text, more account management/customization options, private messages, etc. My account (the official dev acc) is Donoru with a capital D. People might try to impersonate me, idk. If you need anything, as I said earlier, I'm adding dms, so dm me once that feature its out. Thanks for checking out my project, and have fun.

UPDATE: Added dms/private messages
UPDATE: Added anonymous posting


Cool concept, but I am a bit confused. Are you implying multiple replit users would be able to interact with each other using this forum? The replitDB cannot be shared/updated by multiple users. Each time a repl is run, the user is assigned a unique, empty DB. Won't this make forum discussions impossible?


@Spacecraft I've tested it multiple times and as far as I'm aware, it only assigns you an empty dictionary when you sign up as to avoid any errors. If you could tell me specifically where the issue is, I'll try to fix it asap.