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PyShell - An basic python intepreter
CodinUser (8)

PyShell is an very basic python interpreter, it is a SINGLE-LINE (so it wont support multi line statements) but it comes with syntax highlighting which I think is awsome yet basic

If anyone has any idea on how to add multi line input, it will be helpful :)

History coming in version 2.0

IMayBeMe (614)

Low effort, you just used a pre-built library.

CodinUser (8)

@IMayBeMe Thanks for your feedback, Well I was using prompt_toolkit for the inputs and syntax highlighting and i did add the user variables function in the newest update.

I think its nice but of course, opinion can differ. And I do know there is alot of limitations but will try to improve the program

Also prompt_toolkit isn't really a pre-built library. And for executing the code, well the main ways really are the exec and eval functions, we do handle exceptions.

Your suggestions to improve are most welcome :)

CSharpIsGud (1164)

@CodinUser He meant that the library does most of the work, calling eval/exec/compile and saving globals isn't very much in comparison.

CodinUser (8)

@CSharpIsGud I must have misunderstood it lol. Yeah exec/eval/compile really is the way to execute the code. And yes, its a simple project but I think its nice and a good improvement to the default python interpreter

Also maybe the title is a bit misleading....