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Psychics Engine Showcase!
Royb2010 (10)

A cool psychics engine made in matter.js! Feel free to fork!Best in fullscreen.

JWZ6 (654)

hey u copied someones code

Royb2010 (10)

@JWZ6 i gave credit look in files

piphi (5)

lol "Psychics"

cuber1515 (56)

This is fun. Why? I don't know.

Bunnytoes (117)

@cuber1515 how do you invite a single person to work on a project?

cuber1515 (56)

@Bunnytoes you hit Ctrl + Shift + m, then there's a pop up where you can either put in the username of someone and hit invite or copy an invite link to send to someone. If you want to just invite one person it's better to put there name in and invite them without a link.