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Pseudo 3d using pygame

I was inspired a while ago to make this by 2 posts (I can't find them because they were so long ago).

This isn't the most impressive thing, as I basically just draw 2 triangles and then a square, but it took awhile to figure out how to do this exactly.

I plan on making it render an actual cube sometime. Let me know what you think!


Nice! Also to find your posts, just look in here


@QuickV Thanks. And what I mean when I said I was inspired to make this by 2 post a while ago was that 2 people did something similar in another language, and so I was seeing if I could do it too. But thanks for that, it saves a lot of time when I want to check out an older post :)


oh ok :)... I thought you meant that you created the 2 posts yourself, which is why I linked the list of your posts :P @tankerguy1917