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PoultryArt! (Art Gallery)
RohilPatel (1597)

This is poultry art. It has lots of pictures drawn by @CaptainPoultry . This was made to be his first webpage, where I would teach him the basics of html. This is on a PHP server due to the lack of storage. This project uses 2 repls, both of which can be found on @CaptainPoultry account. Please upvote this comment and remember to upvote @CaptainPoultry . Have fun y'all viewing this code that we both made!

AdCharity (1328)

I am confused what was the need for a php server?

RohilPatel (1597)

I totally understand your confusion. Me and @CaptainPoultry are very bad at nodejs and needed a way to make the navbar in less code. I also thought it would be cool to use it, as I just learned it. @AdCharity

AdCharity (1328)

@RohilPatel you do realize that in node.js there are rendering engines no?

RohilPatel (1597)

I do, but I don't understand node well. Anyways, when have u leaned the backend? That is cool! I thought you only knew front end. @AdCharity

Vandesm14 (2759)

@RohilPatel Nodejs is just Javascript. If you understand Javascript, you understand Node.

AdCharity (1328)

@Vandesm14 pretty sure he knows how to use express now cause he already made a chat room with socket

HackermonDev (2103)

You can't upvote a user :/

RohilPatel (1597)

Oh, well you can upvote the project :) @PDanielY