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Pokemon Attack Game
abdulaboo (12)

this is the second one i built this is the first one:

hope u enjoy

JDOG1141525 (3)

Pretty cool. With simple math you can determine the outcome though, I would consider offering average attack damages instead of constant attack damages, and then randomizing the actual damage inflicted. for example - Hydropump - 80 damage, but when used is a random number between 70 and 90. That would make it more interesting to have some randomness.

jimxin2595 (19)

There's a quit() thats causing the program to crash after a move

AnouS (16)

Waay too confusing

abdulaboo (12)

@AnouS how is it confusing so i can fix the problem

ElaineX (0)

U should add potions and more pokemon

mehtaparam2002 (10)

This was an issue.

abdulaboo (12)

@mehtaparam2002 hi there i realised what the issue was and have fixed it now thank you for your contribution

ParasGupta (0)

Very ineterseting game .I love pokemon.

abdulaboo (12)

please tell me way to improve
and will add types, items and more eventually