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Platformer game (Made in SFML with C++)
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This is a game I worked on for about two weeks for the jam before switching to a different concept which i am currently working on.
-Movement (obviously)
-2D block map
-Player animations
-Development console
-Map editing (devmode) and map saving/loading to and from files
-There was more in the development version, but I broke it.

Making this was a major learning experience for me, and quite a bit of fun. I hope you enjoy it at least a little bit.

W A S D = movement
Space = sword stuff
~ = console

Console commands:
devmode [on/off] turns devmode [on/off]
readmap [map filename] opens a map
storemap [filename] stores the current map in a file

Q to open the block panel
E to close it
click anywhere in the world to place a block
-If you try to place something off the usable map it'll crash, so don't do that
-There's an invisible (air) block that is located after everything else on the block panel

If any of this doesn't actually work, it's because it was in the development version which is broken and which I haven't fixed yet. Sorry in advance for that.

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I like the potential here - would love to see it develop further :D

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The graphics are awesome! But when I try to move forward, I just run in place...