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Gmail like clone || (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ヾ(≧▽≦*)o (⓿_⓿)


New version of NMail is out N Mail

Demo account: Email: [email protected] Password: [email protected]

⩥ Using hashing on the password so it is encrypted 👌.

⩥ Now you can add a Recovery Email and to Change Password with pin(encrypted pin) that was sent to the Recovery Email (⓿_⓿).

⩥ Now the login data is auto saved in to the Local Storage.

⩥ Now added more colours to change to and the colour you put on the page is going auto save it in to the Local Storage.

⩥ Now the unforgotten message data is auto saved in to the Local Storage.

⩥ Now you can get Notification, you can do Auto Scroll, you can Auto Login only if you Logged in before and put on Remember Me.

⩥ Now you can add your own avatar, change your name, change your password without pin, you can comment in the index page when logged in and change to the css file for the index page.

⩥ Update to the commenting area in the index page so you can reply to comments.

⩥ Update to CSS for the commenting area in the index page.

2 years ago
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My cousin initially asked me if I wanted to work on the gmail clone again using a SQL database rather than using multiple files system, and after I finished, he told me to update this share post. also i dont know why but i used quilbot for this

4 months ago