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Photo Filter!!!
dabs364 (278)


This time I have a photo editor!

This quality photo editor has 7 modes...

1. Blur

You can blur your images to make them more beautiful! (Or non-beautiful)

2. Brightness

You can change the brightness of your photos to reveal hidden writing! (In some cases)

3. Contrast

Add some contrast to beautify your photos!

4. Grayscale

Make your photos grayer to make them look ugly or beautiful!

5. Hue Rotation

Rotate through the color wheel and add some tint to your photos!

6. Inversion

Make your photos more orange with this feature!

7. Sepia

Make your photos old fashioned and yellower with this feature!

Happy Editing!!!

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This used JS so...

console.log("Actually Upvote!")
RickiTomphson (0)

Useful article. To be honest, I don't like to waste my time on something monotonous. I don't like when, when processing a photo, I have to do what the artificial intelligence can do for me. By the way, I found a list of the best photo editing apps here - . It indicates which of the applications the automation system is built into.



dabs364 (278)

@nighmare awesome as in good or bad? :)


Awesome as in good @dabs364


Your welcome @dabs364