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Password Generator Site
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Password Generator

So this is just a web app that I made in Flask that generates a random password. I just copied my code from the very inefficient password generator I made in the console almost a year ago. (I put it on replit 3 months ago but made it before)

How It works

This password generator is a very simple one. First, we generate four random numbers, four random lowercase letter, and then four random uppercase letters. We then make a variable that contains all those characters. After that, we then shuffle the variable using a shuffle function that uses random.shuffle() and a few other things. Lastly, we display that password to the website using POST requests in Flask.


Me! (@IMightBeMe) - I made most of this project.
@IMayBeMe - (Sorry for the ping) Helped with the backend.


FYI: I and @IMayBeMe (again, sorry for the ping) are not the same person. IMayBeMe is my friend. Just wanted to put that out there since in my last post some people were accusing me of being an alt account of IMayBeMe.

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