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Paint (wannabe Microsoft paint)
bigtoe0 (77)

About as advanced as microsoft paint.

  • To change brush size press the "brush" button. You can add your own colors or use the ones already there by pressing the "colors" button.

  • To add your own color, either type your own hex code in the space provided, or click on the squares next to it for a couple custom ones that I found already. You can look through colors and their hex codes if you google "color picker".

  • Finally, you can save your work of art by pressing the save button up top. I might make an option to create a custom canvas size is this gets any upvotes.

The save button doesn't work in the replit viewer, so open it in a new tab... btw yall should put your masterpieces made with this in the comments

InvisibleOne (3209)

Cool, but I think that it saving the drawing's upside down.

InvisibleOne (3209)

Oh yeah and what do you think of my masterpiece?

bigtoe0 (77)

I'll see if I can fix that lol
beautiful drawing btw @InvisibleOne

ldand (2)

Could use some more design, other than that, works good.

bigtoe0 (77)

spent less than a day on it, design wasn't really my top priority lol @ldand