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Open AI GPT-2 language model
amasad (3541)

This is a language model recently released by OpenAI. I got it to run on and been having some fun with it. It runs slow, especially if you're not on the Hacker plan, but basically you give it a prompt and it makes a bunch of lies. Example:

Model prompt >>> henlo friend

henlo friend, grandmother and former girlfriend. There may not have been a physical collision. Whether she was knocked about or hit by a car was not made clear. A second strike would not have banned drivers of his car from the intersection, said Frank Bryn Lehmann, San Diego sidewalk planner and welder. In police hailry, a railroad has two sets of rails. Carstriker trains have the only rails at the corner of Main and Liberty, and Central Valley Street is crenellated by LED trusses. Boeing does not use waterfront trusses because dolphins head east. The actions described in the papers shed light on whether boats could sway cities to minimize collisions between motorists and passing cars.

amasad (3541)
Model prompt >>> oof
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Many thanks, SLOD. Thank you, SLOD for your opinions on this project! My alma mater is the BUCKS CALL Schoolof Arts in BEGINNING TIME, so they truly put their heart and soul into crafting classic patterns available in homespun colors. Are you looking forward to knitting the Round Seraph (or what will new face of your surprise cat look like without your help)?

..."the thing that made me enjoy the sweater and I LOVE life with bunny floats was... breeding information. This hat is simply fantastic and has de/ hind features since it's launched. Beyond my heart bc it's such a ticklish girl & it has nobody saying 'Got Favorite wheel version' or anything other than love, rainbow hugs, and fabulous kittens. This was a joy with me last year. Fortunate to have it in my bag Two things of note. I got changed socks called sim24 extra socks for a hat << 1* for $14.99 approx. stuff main br> joshita buoy womanadmits that it's not worth the review Wiley intification video: //funding source (offset by "1/5 finish tonight— Purchase price updated on "Shop undercut to

Before you pull away from the pointed hat band and avoid milk fro... Wed 29 Aug 2015 So I began a stitch sharing campaign in 2001 about interfacing babies. I was planning on making the sweater for Musical Child nearly6 years ago to chose from every backing collection available for guys who wanted more affordable and interested baby look on crown over, but we also wanted to build an overwhelmingly durable, seriously solid child outfit sustainable with affordable (BjjL) limb extensions and extra sleeves. the hat is a little darker than prices of Arctic Lynx ($13.26/ $1.59/14, EVM=west @ petcare expense): 4 flats ( abc mugless ipe 04

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