Start testing for WTerminal A5

Hello everyone
So I have now made a new project called WTerminal, its meant to be an "PowerShell/cmd/bash alternative with external app support'

The WTerminal DOESN'T use os.system methods or subrpocess methods to execute the input, it uses if/else checking to create custom commands and uses os methods for the functions

WTerminal is meant to feel clean and simple, with a rich user experience. WTerminal is also compatible with Windows/Linux

Now this version of WTerminal A5 (Alpha 0.50) is very unstable and i will not recommend it for daily use in this stage, the WTerminal A[V] and WTerminal B[V]

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Ooh, this is awesome!


@DynamicSquid Thanks! The documentation is still being worked :)

Also if you like the PyShell python interpreter check out the PyShell spotlight ""

And the latest WTerminal updates are sent to the spotlight