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3D Vehicle Physics Game!


3D Car Physics Demo

Drive cars in this vehicle physics game.

Play PhysicsAgain


  • 3D physics!
  • Vehicle with realistic suspension
  • Terrain with basic obstacles and interactive objects
  • Automatic and manual transmission with realistic shifting
  • Headlights, fog lights, brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights
  • Day/night toggle
  • WebAssembly optimization
  • Engine sounds

Inspired from ammo.js sample vehicle.

You can use the vehicle generator used in this game.


W, A, S, D moves the car, or arrow keys
Press "Sun" to toggle the Sun.
Press "Change Car" to toggle between minivan and original vehicle.
Press Z to toggle left turn signal, and C to toggle right turn signal.
Hold Shift to brake. Once the vehicle comes to a stop, the vehicle will stay stopped until the accelerator is pressed.
Press H to toggle the headlights.
Click and drag to look around.
Got stuck? Press V to flip.

Drive in Manual

Click "Automatic Transmission" to switch modes.

  • Press E to shift up.
  • Press Q to shift down.
  • Press R to toggle neutral.


The Minivan


Minivan 2


Night Driving (38)

Original Vehicle

Last Updated: 2/1/2022

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