[ GAME ] Press Enter To Win!
Coder100 (18875)

Press Enter To Win

Do you want a completely TERMINAL-BASED game made in C++ where all you do is press enter?

Yeah me too so that's why I made this.


I wanted to try my hand at some more C++ again, and never again will I do that again too unsafe back to rust.

How To Play

Press Enter, or not.




Hope you enjoyed the game! Don't forget to fork, comment, and react!

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Whippingdot (678)

OOO you included that map library and you did stuff with that library which isn't the main parts of C++, and it is like an ad on, meaning it has unnecessary functionality or stuff like that... Also, wait even iostream seems un-natural for C++, that is why I am your to use printf or that other one from now on as it seems more C++ like... @xxpertHacker