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ShauryanK (19)

I created Overlord a couple of weeks back.
I want it to be an entertaining software with a command line like personality. Here is what I have so far, please give me some feedback.

Name12 (161)

cool!! but i think you should add a mini game in the game section.

ShauryanK (19)

@Name12 will try to add a simple guess the number

Name12 (161)

@ShauryanK Oh, cool. and you can check my post virtual casino for some simple games. and many copy some if you need it. I won't mind if you do. but make sure to heave a upvote though :D

ShauryanK (19)

@Name12 of course! I will get some ideas, thanks!

Leroy01010 (408)

make gamesuggestions into games please


Very nice! But I would recommend to add

import os

so it can clear the page every time it has a response because it looks pretty messy. You can put it on the last line of

 if function == "SomeFunction":
ShauryanK (19)

@CarlosRosiles Thanks, I know the "destroy" function doesn't cut it!

potatojs (847)

just add more fun function :P

suhkan (1)

supercell rocks.

SwaroopBappanad (240)

I get this error every time I play:

P.S. It's happening because you typed os.system('clear and forgot the end parenthesis in the previous line

angelicas1855 (2)

got no idea how to play this

ShauryanK (19)

@angelicas1855 type list then type one of the words on the list

angelicas1855 (2)

Thanks for the tip but i know how to do it know:) @ShauryanK

ShauryanK (19)

@angelicas1855 please upvote if you found this entertaining

ShauryanK (19)

Hello all, as you can see the colored text looks very weird with that grey background, anyone know how to fix it?