Introducing DayBot, an Almost Artificial Inteligence Robot!


This (sorta) AI robot gets smarter as you talk to it. It is very simple: if it doesn't know a phrase, it will ask you how to respond! Please talk to it, and soon it will start to sound more human. I will be updating this soon. Tell me what you think!


I'm testing if users can add data to the machine. Can somebody put a random phrase, and if the machine doesn't know it tell it what to respond, and then put both in the comments? Thanks!

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes asking how to say something even when it has already been told
  • Taking a few seconds to respond

As @RayhanADev and @PlaySoccer pointed out, this isn't technically AI or Machine Learning. It just responds to what you want it to respond. But it's the first step to making something that's AI, and later versions will be more AI. Thanks to everyone for pointing this out!

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Np! :) @isaiah08