My profile 😯
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Greetings everybody!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Summer!

unfortunately I have some zoom summer camps ("to keep me busy and yadah yadah yadah"), but otherwise I'm having a pretty fun time!

What it is

Anyways, I made this profile in HTML, and includes my contact, about me, and some of my projects.


It's meant for you to learn a bit more about myself.


I really wish I could say that I've been coding since i was like 3 and that I know like 20 coding languages. also I would like to say that I know how to make super complex programs and stuff everyone loves.
Sadly none of that it is true.
Better get a genie


thanks to @BobTheTomatoPie for helping me with one part in the buttons, and @Coder100 for helping me with another part that I forgot (sry)

Feel free to comment your suggestions, ideas, tips, and general banter.

And if you enjoyed, upvoting is caring! =)

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Lancexix (1)

Not in that way, I mean the devices are made to shutdown and kill itself after I think it's 7 years (not all of them, just some) @Bookie0