Create a blog with no code using MyBlog!

What is MyBlog?

MyBlog is a tool that allows you to easily create your own blog using nothing but Markdown and JSON (easy to learn)! It also allows extension with custom pages, which can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but they are optional and not needed in most cases.

Why should I use MyBlog over other blogging software?

  • MyBlog is free
  • MyBlog does not require a database
  • MyBlog can be run both on and off replit easily
  • MyBlog is extensible

Sounds cool, how do I start?

Follow the guide on


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@NoNameByProgram No, you just fork the repl and add some markdown and (auto-generatable on the docs <- open this in a new window, it doesn't work in the replit preview.) JSON files. That's much easier than writing some code.