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Ninja: A top down shooter.


a top down shooter

Ninja is a fast-paced top-down shooter game where you play as a Ninja.
The game's graphics are pixelated.


The game is about a ninja - I will call him BigNinja - who is a too huge to be as mobile as the other Ninjas. He gets bullied and gets shunned from the Ninja community after Ninja Academy.

However, he meets a Ninja who is bigger than him - Sangosan - but has recieved the same treatment. Bent upon revenge, Sangosan amasses lots of Ninja followers who agreed with him. He wants to destroy every normal-sized ninja who ever bullied him.

BigNinja had good intentions and did not mean harm to any of the Ninjas, so BigNinja refused Sangosan's offer to join his army. Angered by his refusal, Sangosan sends his forces to attack BigNinja until they killed him.

In this game, you are BigNinja and you have to kill Sangosan and his allies.


  • wasd to move
  • click to shoot
  • mouse to aim

Some ninjas have more health than others even though they look similar, so shoot multiple times at different parts of their body.

my #kajam2021 submission :)