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Nickname Generator!

Generates a nickname for you based off of your answers to a set of unusual questions. The 2.0 version has some added features, like random default adjectives.

amasad (3354)

This is lots of fun. Some of the funnier ones that I got:

balling-hawt-knife-back of the knee

haya (9)

hahaha so fun, my funny ones
cooking -spoon-Woman
soft-the cat-Woman
confident -nothing -f17

emilian1000000 (8)

Hilarious. I am Stupid-Thai-Butt-Man

emilian1000000 (8)

Also known as Dying-Sword-Man and Lying-Butt-Tornado

DerpyChicken456 (4)

Ha. Nice work. I got Physco Pizza Sword