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Galaxy Rush : Space runner shooter with time slow downs!
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Run through vibrant levels in space.

Shoot activators to clear obstacles and open paths.

Slow down time and weave through the many deadly lasers in your path.

Fullscreen Game: Press [F11] in

Made with Unity 2021.1.23f (WebGL, URP, and Shadergraph)

Full project source (assets and code) included in files and/or github.

Galaxy Rush Cover
Galaxy Rush Preview 1
Galaxy Rush Preview 2

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Nicely done! This requires much more attention.

Alas, popularity is but a pipe dream for some, and it is a high-risk high-reward task as it depends not on your efforts, but other's opinions and whether or not they care enough to give you attention.

Edit: Glad to know this got a little more attention!

This should exceed the 300, 400, 500 and even 600 upvote posts in my opinion :)