A super simple chatroom that is fast and secure
Vandesm14 (2700)

Hate the fact that you either don't have discord or don't have access to it? Well now you can enjoy the fun of human to human communication though LowChat, a high performance chat engine with a simplistic design. No need to worry about a company (or me) spying on you, just fork the repl to make it your own! LowChat features a logless chat engine, meaning all of your messages are never stored, only recieved by the other end and nothing else. If you would like to build a bot for LowChat, it's totally possible (rest api coming soon). It runs off of a single "message" event, allowing the ease of use by any bot maker!

This system is a bit wonky with a couple of extra security features which didn't work. I am in the process of polishing up the site to keep it working properly!

Admin commands? No, not yet.

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ash15khng (717)

Nice! I have a suggestion, could you add a way to join a room which is not by adding to a URL? (you can maybe add a text box?)

Vandesm14 (2700)

@ash15khng If you go to the homepage "/" there is an input box (autofocused) for you to input a room name. Should I make it more clear that there is an input box?

ash15khng (717)

@Vandesm14 Wow I didn't notice that sorry.