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New python math engine
Codemonkey51 (1049)

Math Engine:

Edit: I have been informed of: eval(). So this project is now useless


One of my first ever python projects was a calculator, it was a calculator that took multiple lines of input and could only process one step equations, then I made it in line but you had to have spaces in between the numbers and operation and this one could also only have one step equations after that I went on a break from coding python calculators. But, now due to some projects I am working on and due to seeing a lot of other calculators on repl talk I finally returned to the project and have finally finished my inline multi-step calculator.

What can it do?

This calculator can calculate equations with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It can have any number of spaces between the #'s and the operations. It also uses order of operations so it will follow pemdas (parentheses are coming soon).

JoeyRueff (28)

Edit: Corrected Code
You could just do
print("Type Equation Below")

Codemonkey51 (1049)

Ye, lol. IDK u could do that @JoeyRueff

JoeyRueff (28)

It's not useless. Though, if you want a challenge you could try building a calculator that uses logic gates among other things to do the calculation instead. I wish you luck if you accept the challenge!

JoeyRueff (28)

Oh, you could also try to create something that solves algebraic equations/expressions ie x - 3 = 5

Codemonkey51 (1049)

Ye, I was told that this is also like what you do in college (you take something and you make it yourself even if it's already been made, then you go through and find different methods to make that same thing) @JoeyRueff

Codemonkey51 (1049)

Yes, that sounds like a fun thing to try, I will try to do that @JoeyRueff

JoeyRueff (28)

Okay, good luck!

CSharpIsGud (924)

@JoeyRueff @Codemonkey51 yeah, you could use eval, if you dont care about security, eval evaluates python, not math equations