Ansi 256(Two-hundred-fifty-six) colors Image Format
TheForArkLD (769)


What is this?

This is image format, like bitmap(bmp).

Good points and bad points

Good points! 😄

  • Small image size
  • Able to display image in console
  • Easy to process

Bad points! 😭

  • 256 colors only
  • Uses U+F000 ~ U+F002
  • Too less infos in image, so processor changes 1 pixel's size.


Colors256³ + Alpha256256³ + Alpha
Able to display in consoleXOX
Easy to read / writeXOO
Transparent colorOXO
Who made itPNG Development GroupMe, @k9chelsea2, @MatReinerMicrosoft

Thanks to @k9chelsea2, and @MatReiner !

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