Hop Fighter 0.5 is out!

If you don't know, Hop Fighter is a platformer multiplayer game where the objective is to shoot your enemies and have fun. Ever since it got featured on the repl.it newsletter I have decided to develop it further. Some things have changed since then...

  • Completely brand new UI on the client side. Rewrote the client side from the ground up.
  • Completely new back-end influenced by the old one but a lot cleaner code and better performance.
  • Guns! - Now added guns that drop out of the sky in crates every 30s. Pick them up using F when they have landed. The new guns are:
    • Minigun
    • MP5
    • Assault Rifle
    • Sniper rifle
      You also start out with a pistol.
  • Updated the map editor (still not entirely finished but better functioning).
  • Brand new domain hop-fighter.tk.
  • And most importantly of all squashed some more bugs, one of them being that bullets would hang in midair sometimes.

W - Jump
A/D - Move Left/Right
SPACE - Shoot
F - Pick up gun in crate

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or bugs that you found, don't hesitate to leave a comment. (I would be grateful for the bug testing). If you need a friend(s) to play this with the best place to look is the repl.it Discord.


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@Nanowrimoijk the big map should work