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My first project!!
FrancescaFaraj (3)

I fixed the tiny error of using “/“ instead of “\”

SuigamiMitsokeL (139)

Hey I go by Suigami Mitsoke online. I’m open for friendships. My gmail is [email protected] I’m a bit of a hacker. I just hack securly and try to free surf the internet at school. Amongst other hacks. Which are not so good. I do Google hangouts and I have this docs. With a couple of friends. I have a YouTube channel with no content. I’m currently not able to access discord. And I can only do school hours or nights. Thx to my parents taking my phone and school iPad. Let me know if ya wanna chat. It be a honor to be your friend. Have a great day. Best of wishes!!!!
Peace out Love Suigami