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My first (decent) database and login system with user profile pages
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Apologies for the repost of this repl. I made a small part of it, posted it, and then made a lot of changes, so now I'm posting it again.


Hey everyone :D, this is my first simple database made with HTML, PHP, and python using sqlite3. The database has 3 columns: name, password, and status. Name and password are self-explanatory, but status is just a message that you can see when you go to other peoples profiles.


Not super duper hard to understand, but my inconsistent error messages make it a little bit complicated. To make an account, select 'Signing Up' and input new login information. To log into an account, just input that same information into the boxes and hit enter. It will redirect you to your user page. To see the status of someone else, go to (Read Features below to find out more about this). To change your status, just log in. Also, when you change ur status, it saves, but you have to reload the page for you to see it.


I have some decent error handling I guess, including incorrect passwords, no profile found, missing required information, etc for the login page. I also made sure it validates your password when you are on a user page, so you cannot change another user's status without having &p= at the end of the link

Conclusion or whatever

So yeah im kinda proud of this because not only is this my first database project, it is my first web project that has anything more than HTML, CSS, and javascript. Its pretty simple but i like it i guess so uh yeah

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How do i add admins and could you remake it to were we can login into admin role