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My first code!
ARJPEG (151)

This was my first encounter of coding ever ! By The Way, I know it's simple but I'm still proud of it to this day :P

DJWang (1344)

Very good for beginner!

amasad (3351)

Very cool! It actually reminds me of one the first things I built. I also used turtle but not in Python, in a language called Logo and made something resembling a house. That was in 1993 when I was 6 years old 😬


woah! this is cool! i've just started to code as well!

DJWang (1344)

I wonder if this guy has been pinged….

DJWang (1344)

@adityaru I mean his username is deleted so I don't know if he has been banned or something

LukeShomper (58)

I can't even do that (I cant use turtle)

Haaruun (99)

Reminds me the first projects I did, it was p5js on khan academy

AlexZhang4 (0)

Nice, I don't even know how to do that yet so that's awesome to me!

ARJPEG (151)

@AlexZhang4 I feel over time, it makes sense even if you don't know how to use Turtle. If you want, I can make a tutorial for Turtle {in Python}