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My Personal Website

I made my own personal website. There's not much, but I'll add more to it over time.

Zavexeon (1162)

Nice simplicity.

I did make a slight modification to @malvoliothegood's version. I rounded the edges of the image. <== feel free to fork, it's your site, anyways :P


@Zavexeon Wow, nice!

malvoliothegood (871)

Well done for sharing your work with us. I have some suggestions:

  • the background and text colours do not contrast well
  • the text font needs to be bigger
  • resize your image to the right size rather than relying on CCS to resize it for you

@malvoliothegood Thanks for the feedback.

malvoliothegood (871)

No problem. Here is an example I created based on the content in your site. Note how the contrast is better and the font size is larger. It has more impact this way. I have also used a media query in the CSS so the page text sizes adjust when it is viewed on a small screen device. I have also resized the image:


so good cuz. keep it up


@ALLISIS Thanks!

jackou (66)

really good potential :)


@JacksonPhilips Thank you so much!


@Emalfiza Thank You!