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My FIRST program! Carrot 🥕 Calculator
GarretThyCarrot (30)

Hello everyone from!

I am brand new, and this is a short little program I made!

It is a Carrot Calculator; it determines ye carrots! Please try it and give me feedback, I would greatly appreciate it!

And also, if you enjoyed this, give it a carrot (upvote)!

Thank you so much and have a carrot full day!


studentAlfredAl (443)

This will be my new way to go to sleep:
1 carrot
2 carrot
3 carrot
4 carrot
snore.... :)

GarretThyCarrot (30)

Thanks for running my program, and

keep carroting!

AryaNandi (3)

It worked for me.I got 87 carrot at first try.

lighteningboltb (21)

make a leader bord o carrots

DynamicSquid (4624)

1 carrot
2 carrot
red carrot
blue carrot

GarretThyCarrot (30)

Thanks for commenting! @DynamicSquid

EpicGamer007 (1619)

I like it but I suggest having it be like a quiz so you ask questions and based on the answers, you give them a score but good job :)

GarretThyCarrot (30)

Hello @AbhayBhat , thanks for your suggestion!