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My Bio! :D pogchamp
JBloves27 (1905)

This is my bio!

Heyo guys, this is my first public html repl (somehow), and I would appreciate feedback VERY much.


This a portfolio, also my first web design post as well. I hope this is good, so please giv feedback! thnx!


Lots of the code repeats, and I use lots of <br>'s to make room as well.


Please give feedback, it helps me a lot and I also don't know too much about html, so yea


I hope you guys enjoy stalking me! Please comment, give feedback, or upvote if you like it! Thanks!

peace 🕶️
ch1ck3n (2388)

the background color makes it seem like there's a barrier of glass between me and the site

angrydoge (481)

G O -C O M M I T -P O G -C H A M P

JBloves27 (1905)

Y E S - C O M M I T - P O G-C H A M P @angrydoge

angrydoge (481)

G O -C O M M I T -S C O O T E R -A N K L E

JBloves27 (1905)

G O - C O M M I T - B I C Y C L E - A N K L E @angrydoge

angrydoge (481)

G O -C O M M I T -S W A L L O W -V E R T I C A L -T O R T I L L A -C H I P

JBloves27 (1905)

G O - C O M M I T - E A T - B R O W N - T O I L E T @angrydoge

JBloves27 (1905)

Ahhhh, you destroy G O - C O M M I T chain!!! >:( Xd @angrydoge