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MusicMaker for CrazyBot, Make music with your friends
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Hello! This is a project I'm just about finished with. This is a Discord bot with a plugin that lets you make music with your friends!
!start is used to start creating the song.
!addByName will add a randomly generated pattern based on your Discord ID
!add [note] will add that note (or chord!) to the song
!end ends the song creation and creates the file.
!play while in a voice channel has the bot join the channel and play the song you made!

I downloaded the code and got it to run on my local server, however I can't get the actual song to play on due to issues with ffmpeg not being installed on the VMs. You can still grab the song.wav file from that has the song you and your friends made!

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I thought the rules is make a new project? Not doing it from your own?