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Multiplayer Shooter Game!
RyanRana (211)

Play this with a friend see who can get three hits first To control the component on the left you use (W for up D for shoot and S for down) and for the other it is (I for up J for shoot and K for down)!

ebest (663)

where did it go?

JesseIsSound (2)

Nice game! What language was it made in?

RyanRana (211)

@JesseIsSound Thank You I made it in HTML!

bobdanman102 (1)

Nice game! But there is some things need to be fixed:

  • When you shot the bullet and then move the bullet shouldn't change based on your movement

  • Make sure that moving off the screen is not allowed

SomeRandomDude (0)

Also, both players can't move at once

samueloc (3)

Hey... where'd this game go?

ghostlypi (0)

The game can't really handle the text and 2 players. Suggest maybe halting your program in its code.

JesseIsSound (2)

Nice game! What language did you make it in?