Working Social Media Chatting App!
Muhammad_SJC (149)


Latest new feature: the style of the app has been changed and a report button has been added.

Also, click here ( for a new calculator I made. I am currently working towards building an OS, so the next app is a browser!

P.S: Try deleting a message for a nice animation for all users seeing the message being deleted!

I recently made this chat app (and you might have seen that I am stuck in a problem with it in the "ask" section) and it works really well. It is real-time messaging with personalized "you" label on your messages. Also, if you want to delete one of your messages, hover onto your message and a "Delete" button will elegantly appear. Hope you like it!

P.S. I'm currently working on chat rooms, but for that, I need at least 70 upvotes, so please upvote! Also, the chatting app is fully responsive.

PLEASE do not change the "firebaseconfig" variable as it handles the database, and if you use it in another program, you will be reported for plagiarism from Google Firebase (So you cannot fork this repl). So, in short words, just don't worry about anything that has "firebase" in it.

Also, it only works in the repl engine, so trying to run it fullscreen on the web is sort of useless. And when you run it on repl, resize the results area to capture as much screen as possible.

Also, you can click the "open" button in the repl widget that comes with this post.

(See additional messages in the chat app itself)

Thank you :)

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Hello! Could you please make a personal chatroom for the website
Like, they should only be able to talk with me.