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The Maze, but its cool


Welcome to the maze!

Some of you might have already seen this, but this is not just a repost for nothing. I saw

's post, and saw how cool Background colors are for walls and such. So instead of being a box moving around a field of Xs, now you're a box in a full blown out maze! Also customizations are still a thing!

How to play

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move around the maze, and your objective is to get to the yellow treasure! Every level there is one secret though... And in later levels there are invisible fake walls and 'W's, which you can walk through!

New Things at your muffin stand


In the newest levels (level 19+), there is a button in the top left and a weird wall blocking the treasure. Wonder what will happen?


NO MORE FLICKERING? (and without curses yassssss)

I literally just put print("\033[H",end="") and it worked (Again a suggestion by my boi


Some things that can happen

Changing the maze color or the treasure color to the same thing or the same color as something else might be confusing

Fixed: Sometimes a level can update at the same time you moved, basically making two players. Fixed!

This can also happen


Dont worry it will disappear after you pass a level, and you can press c to get rid of it as well

Want to make your own maze?

Well you can! Go here and create your own! There is a little tutorial too on how to create your own, and you can test it by just hitting run and then hitting enter! When you are happy with your maze, comment it below. I have already added one maze created by


Again thanks to

For the Background idea and the clear screen thingie

2 years ago
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