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Minecraft on
Tedisc00l (0)

yeeee Look it workz. the mouse is terrible tho. everything else works wven though its a bit laggy

mesquite2234 (278)

This looks cool, but there are two things that are sort of bad.
1. You're not supposed to redistribute minecraft
2. refused to connect :(

Tedisc00l (0)

@mesquite2234 first of all, this is only the minecraft launcher. If you want to play you have log in. I'm not re-distributing the game, I'm just uploading the launcher to and running it. Second, the error is prob either bad internet, or repl,it is down. I'm running mine on hacker plan and i've reached 20fps, and I would have actually used it to play minecraft, if the mouse would fullscreen lock and not glitch.