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Minecraft bedrock server: No hacker plan needed

Minecraft Bedrock server!

#No hacker plan needed!
A while ago I saw @Scoder12 post 🔥Minecraft Server on!🔥 , and thats only for Java! Scoder said that there will be a bedrock server soon, but I cant wait! So I am planning on getting realms plus 1 month free trial. I need AT LEAST 3 other players!! My Minecraft Bedrock username is Fffff9. And when you join, you have to comment your repl it username or else you will be kicked! More info in the repl

The repl is horrible, dont expect much from it.

Note: This will be re-posted 2 more times in the 2 next days!

Scoder12 (869)

Well if you're this anxious I'll actually start working on it lol

Scoder12 (869)

I don't have bedrock though so I can't test it


@Scoder12 lol (And you cant test it right now, I still have not even gotten the realms plus)

micaiahsudo (0)

@Scoder12 when is bedrock 🥺 and i can test for you xd xd

Scoder12 (869)

@micaiahsudo I don't have bedrock edition but if you msg me on discord I will try to make a server

duck132912 (212)

POV: banned for trying to bypass hacker plan