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Minecraft WebGL Project Core

Minecraft WebGL

Credit to @duck132912 for the menu. Thanks a bunch!


This is the final version of my WebCraft and MC-Engine projects. I merged them into one, and added a menu. (Once again, thank you, @duck132912!) Multiplayer is coming NEVER due to the fact that it would be almost impossible to get to work perfectly. I am ending the WebGL Minecraft project here and now.

Past versions



I will be experimenting with Voxel.js, so stay tuned!
I might just be able to make a multiplayer version using Voxel.js instead of WebGL.

EDIT: Click the open in new window button otherwise it just won't look very good.
EDIT EDIT: Thanks for all the upvotes, guys! I really appreciate it!
EDIT EDIT EDIT: Thanks for making this post the front page!

Willard21 (278)

I noticed you appear to be rendering each triangle individually, and doing frustum culling on all of them. I know that seems like a logical way to improve performance by minimizing the number of things being rendered, but it's actually a trap.

WebGL can easily handle 1000x more rendering than you're supplying it right now. The bottleneck comes from making too many individual draw calls. It takes longer to render 1 cube with 12 individual triangles than it would to render 1,000 cubes stored in a single buffer with 1 draw call.

DeBeast591 (143)

Awesome, the textures could use some work, but other than that, 5/5 stars!

Dart (1202)

Is this your code?


@Zexogon Sort of, sort of not. You know what I mean.

Dart (1202)

@HENRYMARTIN4 alright there are a lot of git hub posts with code like this but yours looks good keep making stuff :)

HackermonDev (2101)

the map isn't useful

mkhoi (222)

@PDanielY It shows height, the whiter a place is the higher it is

3941driB (38)

LOL, so that's why @duck132912 was so busy! XD

duck132912 (218)

@3941driB 4battle is not my only thing

4battle (4)

@duck132912 You were on only 4 hours ago!

duck132912 (218)

@4battle Btw you could have made something like instead of the hours of php login of yours


@duck132912 wow i looked on 4battle thanks for using ultracode yay

3941driB (38)

OMG, I'm duck132912's friend!

duck132912 (218)

@3941driB I know, you come to my school

3941driB (38)

@duck132912 Are you still on ^_^? You replied 2 minutes ago!

BlueComet (116)

WoW!This is amazing

amasad (3553)

Multiplayer is coming NEVER due to the fact that it would be almost impossible to get to work perfectly.

@HENRYMARTIN4 can you share what technical limitations exist to make this work? Maybe we, the team, can help with this.


@amasad Well, I was experimenting with Voxel.js and realized that I don't have admin in the bash shell, meaning that I can't use the browserify command to compile the scripts. I therefore cobbled together this instead of using the Voxel.js engine. I'm still looking for ways to run Voxel.js scripts on You can see the tutorial at

SilentShadowBla (556)

100th upvote! epic job btw


@SilentShadowBla yay!!!!!!!!!!
thank you!!!
I will gladly invite you to work on a repl with me if u want me to.

MatReiner (124)

Sorry for crushing you in the "hot" list, but yours is better.

duck132912 (218)

You are welcome, I am happy to be mentioned.
News: Me and @3941drib are working on @4battle we could use a little help. Thank you @duck132912

MarcPech (1)

I cant build anything but other than that 4 stars

BlueComet (116)

how did you make it so you could do tons of different things

neutralcoder101 (4)

there is one thing that is when u dig down continuously u fall into the void but u don't die u just continuously fall down but other than that this is EPIC

neutralcoder101 (4)

also when u right click water it gets destroyed like other blocks

neutralcoder101 (4)

just work on that and your game will be PERFECT

neutralcoder101 (4)

and some trees and vegetation

Kringle200 (1)

That is so cool !!!!


When you think you're good at programming and someone makes this.

ITS JUST AMAZING :D Please don't stop working on it!! It could be so cool!!!!


@JORDANSISNEY Voxel.js is a framework for building minecraft-like games in the web browser. I'll do stuff with that instead of WebGL. Therefore meaning the WebGL Minecraft project will end, but the Voxel.js Minecraft project will begin. Find out more at:


Ooooh. Well, I'm still definitely excited to see what else you do! :D @HENRYMARTIN4

Darkgamer23 (6)

Wow this is amazing!

Epicmuffinepic (55)

Guys this is my friend he is literally sitting next to me in class.

sycrepl (10)

The quality of the textures is a little disappointing. Make sure that when you're resizing the images you're doing it with a point filter or whatever it's called. Makes it so it doesn't fade. I have no clue what the WebGL code is for it though.

Coder100 (19272)

Nice work!

AncientBison (69)


JordanDixon1 (184)

Pretty good. One problem though: You can look down infinitely and it kinda gives me nausea whenever I do lol other than that its fantastic.

pipythonmc (6)

This looks awesome! This must have taken a long time


This is a account that I have not seen in a long time. I am happy to see it again

dan82 (3)

Nice work on this dude keep it up.