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Minecraft Java 1.16.4 server running entirely on
UniqueOstrich18 (331)

I made a python script that installs a Minecraft server on It includes a Flask server that can be used to check the latest IP address of the server, since it uses ngrok. All you have to do to set it up is to fork the repl and run it.

To join a server created using this method, simply go to the repl's web server url, copy the IP, and join the server in the latest version of Minecraft (1.16.4). A demo is available at

How to set up:
1. Create a ngrok account at and copy your api key.
2. Fork this repl:
3. Run it and follow the prompts


  • It will be very laggy. This isn't supposed to be playable, just a proof of concept.
  • When you put your ngrok token in token.txt, it get deleted the next time you run the program.
  • This script isn't perfect, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it, tell me in the comments.
  • Non hacker accounts will not work hosting the server, since there is not enough memory.
  • Web server is marked "insecure" by chrome, just click "visit this unsafe site"

edit: got 2 upvotes in an hour this is a record

nathanmachane (0)

How would I do this for bedrock?

UniqueOstrich18 (331)

@nathanmachane You could probably adapt this using something like pocketmine

nathanmachane (0)

@UniqueOstrich18 the problem is that ngrok doesn't support UDP, which bedrock uses.

Whippingdot (662)

You wish that was a record. I also have gotten two/three upvotes in an hour. But that is because I always tell everyone who worked with me to check out the post when I share it.

WilliamSexton2 (2)

Is this what is supposed to happen?

Whippingdot (662)

Umm read the post instructions. You have to create an account somewhere, you have to enter that account's API key, in a forked repl, then you have to run it. @WilliamSexton2

UniqueOstrich18 (331)

@WilliamSexton2 You have to sign up for an ngrok account and put the token in token.txt. It clearly says that in the instructions.