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Microsoft Windows 11
ebp11 (42)

There have recently been rumours that Windows 11 will come out soon. I have created a repl for my taste of it. The taskbar actually says "𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭", plus a File Explorer, limited Edge Web Browser, and more.

MesyetiIsTaken (56)

How did you get the built in web browser? It's cool

ebp11 (42)

@MesyetiIsTaken , I had to use JavaScript to make 5 normal tabs and 2 incongito tabs.

ebp11 (42)

@MesyetiIsTaken , iframes, iframes, iframes. I made the iframe link to

ebp11 (42)

But I am planning to add a favourites bar.

Codemonkey51 (1057)

Read this there will probably not be a windows eleven :/ but still cool page continue to design it