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Microsoft Edge Surf Game
bennyrobert (47)

Back when the new Microsoft Edge was launched, I was excited not because there would be a new rival for Google Chrome, but because I wanted to see if they would change the no internet game for their browser. And sure enough, they did!

It isn't as well known, like everything to do with Microsoft, it is overshadowed by Google's version (ahem Bing). But is far more fun than the Dino run!

Today, using developer tools, I found all the scripts, put them into a Repl, changed some of the URLs and uploaded it here. I created none of this, I simply uploaded it for none-Edge users to enjoy. If you have Edge, use edge://surf in the URL box.

How to play:

Pick a character. Use arrows or WASD to move (though you can't use top arrow or W as you can't move back).
You have 3 lives, so...
Watch out for basically everything - whirlpools, coral reefs, other surfers, etc.
But don't avoid the hearts or the lighting bolts! These will help you.
There also ramps. These are good for escaping the octopus.
If he gets you, you lose, no matter how many lives left you had.

Any more questions, comment down below! Also, post your scores and stuff, I'd love to see who can get the highest.

And if its against Ts & Cs for me to copy all the code and upload it here, even though I take no credit at all, then please let me know.

Have a good day!

bennyrobert (47)

Oops, some of my bullet points are in italics, because I'm not very good with markdown. Please forgive me!