Crime Crowd! (Gta in p5.js or The Killer p2)
BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

How To Play

WASD to move.

Click to shoot.

Space to punch.

1 to switch to pistol.

2 to switch to machine gun

3 to switch to sniper

4 to switch to Bee Bee Gun

f to show the health bars to show the health bars of ppl who have been shot or punched, press it again to see all health bars, press it a final time to hide them hiding the health bars is the least laggy way

New Commands added!

b toggle showing blood on and off, press once to hide blood and gore, press again to show blood and gore, auto set to show blood and gore.

all the people are coded differently

Police will shoot at you

Angry people will flail their arms and attack you

scared ppl will run away fast


This is gonna sound bad but your goal is to kill as many ppl as you can.


I made it like GTA and added stars as to show how wanted you are.

Gun Art by @codingmaster123

There is still to be more added art but that will come later.

These are ppl that wanted me to @ them when I posted this

I either know these ppl on discord or they wanted to see it

Join my pitlife discord:

Have fun!


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BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

lol, im confused at why it should be in a gta 5 game but maybe @CaptinNeo


Oh yeah, @BobTheTomatoPie, why is it in this post! i commented this on memes I made v2.0 by rhino runner. glitch?

Whippingdot (716)

Yup. Also I thought you knew that to mention someone you need a space before the @ mention @BobTheTomatoPie


It took him a couple of bites
"It took him a couple of bytes"

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

i have litterally no idea what you mean @Whippingdot

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

doesnt matter it still pinged him, idk why ppl keep asking me why i ping someone wrong or ping myself, like come on ppl, it doesnt matter as long as the person i wanted to get pinged got pinged @Whippingdot