[Game] The Mighty Hero V.1.3

[GAME] The Mighty Hero

In this game, you will go against different monsters and defeat them to save your village. Can you figure out how to do it and survive? To choose an action, just type in the corresponding number and click enter.

Weapon Selection Information
FYI when you choose a weapon, the sword increases attack by 4 but decreases the heal by 3. On the other hand, the bow and arrow decreases your attack by 2 , but boosts your heal by 5.

"Where Are The High Scores?"
High scores and FAQ can be located on one of my other repls here https://the-mighty-hero-v13-faq.colepete.repl.co/

Let me know any suggestions down below and if this gets enough support I will continue to make updates with your ideas.

Write Questions Down Below in the Comments
Once a question is asked, I will reply to the comment with the answer. I will also post all questions and answers here: https://the-mighty-hero-v13-faq.colepete.repl.co/
Please check this page BEFORE you write a question in the comments

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Me too @ColePete