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Maze Generation Bot
guycaspi (0)

welcome to vainbergh

argthe1st (95)

This is really good!

Posiedon (22)

can you do the maze

MrBeanAndTeddy (4)

@AlephZero he means can you play it?

GEM (2)

This is so amazing! Beautiful!

ianmcguiness (7)

Really cool, but it seems to be going off the bottom of the page occasionally.

AlephZero (348)

@ianmcguiness: Thanks for pointing this out, I just fixed the issue. Now, instead of setting a fixed size of 800x800, it checks the size of your window and if it is smaller than 800 it sets that.

JustinGoodwyn (0)

This is insane! 😀

AlephZero (348)

@justingoodwyn: Thank you :D Glad you liked it.

MichaelAlbert (0)

wow, this is amazing. Dude you are smart.

HeerokDas (14)

Cool program, but where is the end of the maze?

AlephZero (348)

@heerokdas: Ah yeah haha! I forget to add it xD I guess it could be anywhere you want

SanguineLCard (4)

Awesome bot, mate! To make it even better, make a bot to solve it!

AlephZero (348)

@sanguinelcard: Yeah, I wanted to do that. But then I thought it would be kind of pointless, since I would have the solution. I don't know, maybe I'll implement it sometime :)

KatArcudi (0)

@alephzero: Maybe for other people so they can solve it?

boi352 (14)


boi352 (14)

i wonder if its possible for a human to make a maze the same size as this one faster? i doubt its possible

nintalows_online (2)

It would be awesome if you cold play the mazes

AlephZero (348)

@nintalowsonline: Hmmm.. Yeah, I might add that sometime :)

ClaireBookworm (9)

Amazing! This should really get way more votes!

ICanDoStuff (1)

@AlephZero Even three years later, I still like to come back and watch it generate random mazes!

AlexLees (0)

Which lines act as walls and which act as the path? The white or black?

AlephZero (348)

@alexlees: White is the path, black is the wall.


Wow cool

CalebIsaacson (0)

only idea I have is to maybe add a specific start/end? otherwise, to use one of the mazes, you would have to choose a beginning and end, as well as add labels.

Other than that, I love it!

AlephZero (348)

@calebisaacson: Yeah, you're right. Generally the top left corner and the bottom right corner could be the beginning and end, but you can choose any two points.
Thanks :)

BestBerry (19)

This is so mesmerizing!

AlephZero (348)

@auhsoj1: Yay! Glad you like it ;)

Posiedon (22)

I like it

Its pretty good