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Matrix Rain__port__

Very buggy port of the Matrix Rain by @GoodCoderBadBoy on Apps.

Please paste in the description tips on improving it (especially the memory management). There is so much memory that needs to be freed but I'm not knowledgeable enough to know how to effectively use free().

Think of it as a code review :).


Nice! Mine is very laggy, but this could potentially be way faster. Also, sometimes on runtime it raises a segmentation fault:


@GoodCoderBadBoy Didn't expect you to actually see this lol.

The runtime errors are detailed in the Bugs and Errors sections of information.txt alongside my thought processes and other problems/solutions I came across. They are the reason I published the repl in the first place. The errors are mostly due to my rampant allocation of memory without actually freeing anything so eventually all usable memory gets used up. Since the program is supposed to run "forever" it then tries to allocate and use memory that it doesn't have permission to use. I am hoping someone here can help me.