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Marcus AI [0.0.1]
TheHooliganKing (5)

Marcus AI


Marcus Artificial Intelligence, is an easy expandable library made for developers to put all their best code into one smart AI.

The AI's functionality is made for easy inserting and simplistic output results. All you have to do is program functions and add them to the command wheel. Once you do so;
Marcus himself will conduct all the other operations needed for the code to function as intended.

The AI uses Python to operate and will be made available in multiple languages later on. For now, you can either convert your code or wait for other language availability.

Some of the pre-loaded libraries loaded onto Marcus are:

  • Calculator (with bedmas functionality)
  • Tic Tac Toe (Two player version)
  • Time Converter
  • Find letter by string
  • Roman Numerals Converter
  • Pig Latin
  • Hangman

These base loaders are made by TheHooliganKing. The Calculator was modified from online.


In order to use Marcus you MUST understand how to import your code into Marcus.

There's a few things you made need to look into inside of Marcus. We have the file which is the code made for how execution and command creation works. The area you need to be concerned about is

You will not have to touch at all. It handles everything there for you.

For starters try loading your python functions in a different python file as done with the preloaded ones. Such as

You then import the function into Backend by using:

from Functions.[FileName] import *

This will import the code into the backend. From there, go to the NameBank at the top of the backend and insert a name for the Function.

If I had made code for a small minigame I would insert it alongside the rest of the names.

Once you do so, go to the bottom of the Backend and create a command for the Function by pairing it to the name.

Ex: CreateCommand(NameBank[4],BullGame)

The first argument should be the name from the NameBank and the second should be function. Insert the NAME of the function without the brackets.

If you have a Class, you can still do this step.

You're done! Now MarcusAI can handle the computing and running of the functions. You don't need to do anything else for the program to function.


Programmer: TheHooliganKing

Marcus AI