[ GAME ] Press Enter To Win!
Coder100 (18928)

Press Enter To Win

Do you want a completely TERMINAL-BASED game made in C++ where all you do is press enter?

Yeah me too so that's why I made this.


I wanted to try my hand at some more C++ again, and never again will I do that again too unsafe back to rust.

How To Play

Press Enter, or not.




Hope you enjoyed the game! Don't forget to fork, comment, and react!

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Whippingdot (681)

Man, you are definitely one of the most helpful people in the community @fuzzyastrocat!

First, what does that person mean by saying that the Godot engine has C++ bindings?

Second, it is ok if you don't think you should give an opinion...

Third, I see that now - I don't understand half the code and I thought that was because I wasn't educated enough in C++...

Fourth, I see what you mean. I am creating programs too, but I also feel like I am very un-educated in C++ and so I want to use the courses to see if I can find any new features that more experienced users like you guys use.

Fifth, I do like Unity too. I actually like Unity a little better than Unreal (my personal opinion) for some unknown reason...I will maybe try out Unity and C# in the future before I try Unreal Engine. The main deciding factor would be if Unity is more simple than Unreal. If it is, I would use Unity for game development now (like while I am young), and I would use Unreal Engine to game dev professionally (I still don't know if I am going to do game dev in the future so this doesn't really matter). From what I know, C# and C++ are pretty similar (I don't know that for sure though) and so if like for the first two years I use Unity and C# for game development, I can get used to how Unreal works and maybe how C++ works in game dev too.